Never, love.

There was never a day that I feel like I’m not loved by you.

You never fail to show that I have you, and that I do not need to worry.


The first thing that brightens up my day is your smile that greets me in the morning, and the last I see that ends my day. I don’t forget to take my medicine, because you never seem to forget to remind me. I never needed to buy newspaper at the sidewalk stalls, because you already negotiated with the newspaper man to deliver them to me. There’s never a day in a year that you don’t tell me about how you feel, like teenagers with those silly love letters. I may tell you it’s all corny, but I’d like you to know and to keep in mind that when you tell me everything, it always makes my day. I always use the melon-scented perfume that you said you love smelling on my skin. I know how much you love the color blue even when you never told me, that’s why I always use it in the house. I can always imagine how you’d react whenever I use them and how satisfying it makes me feel. I braid my hair before going to bed, because I know you get a little annoyed when my hair goes to your face or your side of the bed, and you just don’t say it. The white line mark you’ve left in my hand never gets old-fashioned. It always reminds me of that day when you took my hand for it on that white-filled day. I know that you always sneak in and read my journal, that’s why I usually write when I’m irritated with you so you’d know. I always try not to laugh when you make up for it every time. Of course I’m sure you still peak, and I know you’ve read and felt how thankful I am for having you. You also know how by just having you, made my faith to God stronger..

But then again, of course I have my days. Especially when I hit back to reality of not having you here.. Of the days when remembering doesn’t seem to work for me anymore.

How can something so beautiful be taken away from me without my consent? Why would I even want to let go of someone who has made my life worth living? But, I have no choice. At least, even when you’re far away, you never fail to make me feel like you’re just near, and I appreciate that. Doing things that I know will make you proud of me, and the things that I know you love, are what gets me by in a day.

Every day, I will. I will never get tired, because I know you never got tired of me. You never got tired of showing me how much you love me, even until your last breath & even when you’re already gone.


(September 17, 2012. Submitted for AVP class)


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