Uso pa ba ang harana?

I now question why I’ve done this page for you. But you better feel important for having so much on my blog site. That’s for taking so much time to finally come along.

Since you’ve gone this far, thank you.

I may never know how you actually end up being my companion, but I am pretty sure you’ve gone through the old school type of courting. And congratulations for doing so in such a modern time! Of course this doesn’t mean that I’ve told you to do ‘harana’, but yes I fancy old school courting that doesn’t happen via sms, video calls or voice notes.

It’s a thin thread away to being unfeasible. I’ve grown up watching how the evolution of courting goes like it’s some kind of a favorite TV series or a sequel of a movie, and of course, the first ones are always the best and the succeeding ones will never top that. They say that life’s too short for years of courting and I agree, but that doesn’t mean one should settle for less just because it’s considered time consuming. And I’m not really after a decade of courting, okay. I just want consistency, and this is probably the best way to prove it.

And of course, presenting yourself to the whole clan will always be a plus factor, and it means you’re sincere enough and have nothing to hide from me, much more to my family.

If a guy tries to do ‘harana’ outside our house, I would probably call the person in his phone and ask him to stop disturbing the neighborhood. But really, it’s a bluff. It would come out a little corny especially at this generation, but I’m pretty sure I’m not the only girl who would feel so special having someone confess to the public or at least let them know they’re proud enough to date you. It’s probably one of the best things a guy can make a girl feel and it is, also, a test of sincerity.

I’m not saying this here for you to do, and all I just really want to say is how important sincerity is to me. And I think that one of the many ways to prove it is to show it publicly. But don’t get me wrong, I am not for the public display of affection thing the way people kiss and hold hands forever as if they are all alone outside. I would just appreciate it so much if you are proud enough to have me to let people know.


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