#1 of 101

I’m not a fan of flowers, but I would want to at least experience receiving some even just once in my whole existence.

I say I don’t like watching wedding proposals or surprises cos I’d only wish for it and cry over something that never happened for me yet.

The easiest way to show me you care is by staying up for me cos I never get to sleep early. I don’t care if you’d want to come by and watch a movie or two in the sofa, or watch a movie even when you’re there and I’m here and just talk about it, or just look at each other until I finally feel sleepy.

I’m very old fashioned so yes, written love letters is really something that’ll melt me.

Let me grab on to you and hug you, just because. I will probably make it tighter, but it’s just cos I like holding on to what makes me feel happy.


Got a thing to leave behind?

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