Dear you

Yes, I am very much guilty of being gravely hopeful that my life will be more than it is now, and that I’m most likely naive about finding that ‘right guy’, but not much to the point where I’d envision him equipped with a shining armor. Of course, not unless he actually is some sort of a knight from somewhere across the globe.

This page is dedicated to my future self, but mostly for my future boyfriend– who I hope is still very much alive.


Most of my self-proclaimed poems in this site is also, dedicated to my future boyfriend. I find it a shame to have them go to waste since you are still close to nothing, or to sound more wishful, somewhere far.

I’d like to share it to the world before it reaches you. I hope that gives you a sense of honor and fulfillment after whatever you’ve gone through and felt. That everything was worth it, because even when I have not met you yet, I am already thinking of you and of ways to make up for the loss time apart.

Too much for an intro of a page, so let’s just leave it there and continue within the posts falling under this.


Got a thing to leave behind?

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