Life VS world

Does it ever scare you- the world,
and how it consumes
of you,

It’s a lifetime struggle,
needing to survive by dealing with other people with different beliefs and motivation,
doing the things you need to do just to be able to live,
and being obliged to change what fuels you-
to something so worldly
and letting go of what you truly are, and what your life should be.

You’re whole, in the beginning.
Everything’s just about as perfect as you imagine what perfect is.
Until people start pulling you down,
telling you of the wrong things they do,
just to make them look right.
Until you’re made to focus on something so temporary,
just so you can continue living.
Until the pull of your heart gets taken away,
by what puts your feet on the mud,
and forced to believe,
that the world,
it alone,
is what keeps you alive.

And from then on,
less and less of who you are,
but only for the world,
and can no longer even call
a dreamer.


Got a thing to leave behind?

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