The best friend

It’s not all the time, you get to meet people you can be comfortable with completely. What more of meeting someone you feel like she’s totally your sister, or even as your twin from the past and in this lifetime, you just ended up not being related by blood. The good thing about this is that despite a different destiny from your make-believe past lives together, fate gives you the chance to reconnect, come as close to calling each other illegitimate sister, and call yourselves- best friends. You can have a lot of best friends, but there will be that one best friend you’re most sure of. You can just tell.

And while I’m at it, I’m pointing out some facts of how you can tell she’s the best friend, the sister you never had, and even your proxy boyfriend (when you still don’t have one or your boyfriend’s just not around)- rolled into one:

1. The walking Facebook wall and Twitter page– People love blasting each others Facebook and Twitter news feed with whatever they find relevant, or just something to update on or post. And just the same, you can’t stand not telling your best friend basically everything that’s happening to your life. And I mean EVERYTHING. Even the slightest detail, you just don’t want her to miss out on, like you’re obliged to do so. Not cos they told you to, but cos you feel the need to. You just feel like she needs to know. That’s it.

2. The nagger Thought Catalog– And of course, at some point, you’ll be needing advise for whatever’s currently happening to you. So you run to your best friend, confess everything and wait till she stabs your heart like all the posts you read in the Thought Catalog website. It doesn’t even have to be a major dilemma. Even the most basic things, you ask your best friend. Like, what to wear, what to eat when you’re indecisive. And what she tells you, you religiously, without any deep questions or doubt, follow all the way down to the bottom of the list- even when it says you call her beautiful (just to return the favor a little, you know, a way of thanking her-slash-just to get this over with).

3. The mother spy– Sometimes it gets a little disturbing how this happens but your best friend- as much as you don’t want to tell them other things when you just feel like not talking to anyone but yourself, or when you’re faking a smile or when you’re sure that you’re darn good at acting all chill or hyper- can and will tell what you really feel, and what you’re trying to hide. They just do. A word you say or your tone of voice can already be a signal to them that something’s up and it’s either you’re just waiting when to tell them, or you’re hiding it from them. So they wait, but not for long, until they can harass you to spit it out. Most of the time, even better than your mom at spying at you.

4. The obsessed fan– They wont tell, of course, but they’re your biggest fan who supports you with whatever you’re doing, and gets a little too worried when something’s going a little zigzag with your life. It will affect them- sometimes a little, sometimes to the point that what hurts you, hurts them too. They do their own way of going paparazzi, just so they know whether you’re doing fine or that they already need to step in and give you what you need- so that’s either a hug or a slap in the face. And they know which one to give you, cos they know you that well. From your favorite food, to your forever crush (at least a picture), song, or even that one phrase that gets you back on your toes. What a creep, right?

and of course,

5. The (no malice) soul mate– They say your soul mate is someone who knows you so well, at times, even more than you know yourself. Your soul mate accepts every inch of you, but will also guide you when you’re in the wrong. They’re the one you don’t need to see and talk to everyday, because really, you can’t have someone trailing behind you every time and everywhere. You grow separately, but just never apart. And that’s when you can tell they’re your best friend. I believe you have your soul mate- partner, and there’s also your soul mate- best friend. The only thing different with the two is that with your best friend, you will never have malice with each other, whether you are of the same gender or not. At times, they can act and sound like your boyfriend/girlfriend, but it’s simply because they don’t want you getting hurt or something along that line.


It’s funny how at first, you’re just plain colleagues or classmates or newly introduced individuals, trying so hard to start a conversation and attempting to look less awkward and shy to keep it. But then there’s that moment you just, clicked. And that click isn’t any average click. Nothing compares to that kind where you realize, you’re talking to the person you’ll spend most of your crying and laughing (or both at the same time)moments with, and know for sure they’ll still be there for you, the way you’ll be there for them.

And when you find that person, you know, your life’s gonna get crazier, but will definitely be better and worth it cos you have someone along who you simply call your- best friend.



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