June 29

Nothing will ever be the same.
It was never part of what I imagined in my head would happen, but yes, we drifted apart.
There was no goodbye, not even a see you soon.
Somewhere along that road, I regret not saying it when I could have.
But I guess I just really got tired.
Tired of always being the first.
For insisting that this is not an ordinary thing, you and I.
Just really tired.
So the last chance before I face forward, I didn’t grab.
Because everything in me have had enough.
I knew I didn’t deserve this even before, I was just too naive and didn’t know my worth.
Now, I look away and I let go.
Looking forward to the day I won’t think of you.
To the day I won’t cry when something reminds me of you.
That when I see you, I won’t feel like I miss you.
To when nothing will ever be the same, as well as what I still feel for you today.



Got a thing to leave behind?

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