What used to be

We can’t have everyone around all the time even when we want them to,
just like how we want what used to be to stay the same way.
Some will remain, some comes back and forth, and some goes away.
but we need not blame them for how our paths will wind up
even when we lose them in ways we never intend to, or drift apart.
sometimes, things just need to change,
and to accept is all that there is.
Regret only of things you haven’t done,
or words you want to say but have held back.
but not the time you’ve given them
nor the effort you’ve done.
regret not of trying to give all a second chance,
or more than how much you’d remember giving.
of trying to reach out and renew what had fallen apart,
or of making ways to get things to work out.
If all else fails,
with everything and everyone,
we live to try, accept, and not regret.

Got a thing to leave behind?

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