7 months

Time seem like it literally flew away. Was it thrown away by some big time baseball player? Katniss of Hunger Games used it as an arrow and aimed it through months? Or isn’t there a time machine yet? *touches nonexistent beard*
It still feels like the first time, after every event I’ve done and I always cry a little at the end. I’m not complaining, nor are the tears out of frustration or something. Maybe I just can’t get over how I’m really here already- doing what I want, earning, getting good feedback, and how grateful I am for this gigantic-life changing-amazing blessing. Sometimes I wonder how I’m able to do stuff I actually did, or that I’ve been to places I never thought I’d ever go to within just 7 months (not to mention getting to do it without paying for the plane ride and all that).
I’m not really the adventurous type. Honestly, most of the events I’ve done or have gone to are out of the usual for me. It’s kind of exhausting cos I’m not one who likes parties or anything along that line. I always get the “I wish I had your job!” comment, but if it wasn’t for work, I wouldn’t really be near those events at all (sorry, introvert like that). But then again, I’m not complaining and of course, I still get to enjoy them. It’s just that, really, I didn’t want to work here JUST for fun or to always get free passes in expensive concerts or parties. Actually, I didn’t really thought of that when I applied. I generally just want to work for events. I guess I’m just really blessed to have this one.
And the people I work with or almost everyone in the office, I’m glad I get along with pretty well. Though it was like 4-5 months before I finally adjusted and started talking- like, really talk to them, joke around and get to be hyper when I am (it was such a relief to finally get that out after some months of trying to hide my laugh or my sudden urge to skip-hop-smile awkwardly to anyone). Being the easily-overly-attached person that I am, yes, I love them all dearly in just a span of 7 months (I mean love doesn’t depend on how long you’ve known someone. But you know, just for the sake of justifying it and yes, feels, so italicize that line!). Sometimes I automatically look for someone just cos I didn’t see them in the morning, or cos I wasn’t able to smile at them, or cos I didn’t get the usual greeting from them. Talk about clingy. Creepy, could be, but I mean no harm (Star Trek Vulcan salute hand sign).
So far this is the only relationship I have now and I am keeping the habit of counting months and celebrating it. Not throw a party, of course, but just greet myself about it like my phone does every 13th of the month (and yey, pay day?).

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