“still I call it magic”

They say it’s true when you love someone despite it being one-sided or platonic. Some may look at it as martyrdom, but I’m one die-hard hopeless romantic believing it’s plainly described as true love.

Maybe it’s as simple as this: You’re a fan of a band and you shamelessly proclaim your love for them. They don’t even know that there’s you, who might actually be their biggest fan, but this doesn’t bother you nor does it keep you from listening to them. You don’t even stop loving them. And why do you love them? Because they sing what makes you feel good. they write what your heart can understand.  And hearing them just simply completes your day, even when they sing a sad song or one that blows your head off. It doesn’t matter if you felt bad or dragged with the message of their song. You just can’t get over everything about them. (Too detailed metaphor, I know)

Sometimes, you wonder why you even started liking them. How everything about the person doesn’t even get pass through your made-up ideal man or above average standards you’ve set that piled up since you were a kid til this very day. But you do. And it’s not something you can just bail out from any time. It’s not even a stopover. Apparently, with the use of a better albeit a little negative term for it- you can and will get ‘stuck‘.

True love, they say, doesn’t end. It may sound like a bluff though, but despite it being true, it doesn’t mean you’ll end up together. This doesn’t mean you’ll live alone and you may still find someone who’ll love you dearly and the same goes for you. But deep down to the core, you still have that part of you that’s permanently occupied by your one true love. That the person may be the one that just got away.

How come I believe this? I’m quite positive that it’s possible doing nothing extraordinary or new, yet feel contented just because you’re with that person. How just a thought of them can make up for a bad day. And how every moment you’ve spent together can be the only memory you can remember so clearly, people hearing it might actually think it just happened yesterday and how you tell it sounds like you still got those butterflies fluttering like they just got out of their cocoons. Why? Because you can’t and will never get over it all, and will never get tired of it.

But wait, there’s more! The bubble will burst, eventually, cos there’s no exemption from the sad part (other than the colossal hit of not being meant to be together). You will feel like this is all a lie. What’s the point of loving someone you can’t even have or can’t at least get something in return?  You count the years you’ve wasted loving someone who just can’t love you back and you wish you had the guts to ask why he can’t. Because you want to know. You need to know because you think it’s something about you they can’t take and you have that will to change for them so they can already learn to love you, so you just need to know why. Which may also sound unfair, because you obviously loved them- flaws and all.

Really, though, there’s not an explanation or a theory that can specifically tell why love entails pain other than it being a point that makes love stronger and sweeter.

And to think of it, after all, there’s not a loss on loving someone despite not having them to spend your life with. It’s not a waste. True love doesn’t require nor does it guarantee something in return, but you may claim you’ve completely loved someone- which is probably one of the best things you can ever do in your life.

When you love, you don’t expect. You don’t even beg. You just do. And when it’s there, you just have to let it and accept what may or may not happen. That, of course, includes accepting the odds of you not ending up together.

To cap this off, as the song playing on repeat and one of the 2 main inspiration of this blog post (and me being overly LSS-ed and just fangirl-ing over Coldplay again), I am linking one of their new songs- Magic. (Please read the lyrics. I believe it supports this blog entirely. Oh, the feels!)


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