But to miss you

I have fallen short of words that may at least prick me from hearing- as much as it pains every part of me from missing you.

I am not writing this to plead, nor am I looking for sympathy.

This is plainly to write, to feel again, and to let go.

The burden I’ve learned to unbind myself with, yet the weight of not having you near pulls me to somewhere I can’t seem to reach.

The air that may slowly consume me, but at the same time greatly fills me.

And while I choose to spend my time with no one, I still couldn’t find solitary walk with the way I couldn’t detach from the thoughts of you.

Again, I am not aiming for you to feel like you have to do what people expect you to.

As it is, I am writing of how I can live without something I would like to live with,

but of something I may never have, to live while missing is all that is left of this.



Got a thing to leave behind?

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