Pain is just another crack in the path

I am not oblivious. Pain is, and will always be there. You may fear it, or try as best as you can to avoid its throws, but it will always come and hurt you. It’s one of life’s inevitable ways of pointing out to you that it isn’t fair. But underneath it all, it is bearable and it also has its ending. It’ll come on all forms or ways, but every pain isn’t meant to be mended until we finally face it and see the underlying beauty in it. The beauty of gaining strength and learning from experiencing pain.

Without pain, we may not fully appreciate the good or even see them. There’s no getting better, or something shaping us up to be the best at something and at some point. Pain is not all that bad, if you think of it. As long as you know how to use it for your own benefit and not as something to drag you down.

And of course, just like everything else in this world or in our whole existence, pain isn’t permanent. It’ll hurt you, but just as long as you allow it to. You may not forget what had caused you pain, or who had done it to you, but the pain itself wont be there. The pain will teach you to be cautious and to be open to the fact that not everything will go your way, or that people can and will leave. The familiarity of pain will make you sensitive with how you deal with other people and how you wouldn’t want to cause it, simply because, you yourself have felt it.

Good thing about pain, is that we don’t really have to dwell on it for the rest of our lives once we’ve encountered it. It comes and goes, but it’s all different every time it hits us. It may be about love, just like how love have pained you a year ago, but it’s a different pain and it entails a different lesson to be learned. So I guess we can never really say that we’ve hurt enough or that we’ve gone through so much pain that we should be exempted from dealing with it. No need to put ourselves on self-inflicted ones, cos like I said, it’s one of the inevitable things there is in life. We feel it, then we accept it. When we’ve accepted it, we then learn from it, and we’re on to the next one. Eventually it’s part of a cycle that makes the world go round.


Got a thing to leave behind?

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