Looking for that Nightingale who’d find us

(NightingaleDemi Lovato)

I believe that all of us get to this thinking that there are certain songs or a particular one that reflects maybe a part of our memory, a moment in time, what we long for, or simply, ourselves. Or I may be just someone who has this mentality that everything connects and I live to find every dot to get to the bottom of it all and find peace and contentment from it.

It was actually kind of weird to find myself wanting to blog about this song, but I just really feel the need to. The melody of it, for me, is dreamy. Too dreamy that I can just listen to it all day and feel like everything’s absolutely okay. Slipping off on the bathroom floor or having a flashback after skipping a step on the stairs, only felt like floating. And in addition, Demi placed so much feelings and relevance to the lyrics.

I’ve made a little research on the meaning of the song and it was said that Demi wrote it for a friend she lost when she was still young, who she feels is somewhat her ‘guardian angel’. And with more research, nightingale’s represent love and longing. A poem described a nightingale to have died but could still live on through its song. Another interpretation was that it is a bird of love that ‘shelters’ lovers through its song from those who would want to part them.

Using ‘nightingale’ as a symbol to this song made it more relevant, at least for me, and most likely for Demi Lovato, of course. Since I gravely feel that this song speaks for how I feel, I’d explain it as if it was written by me.

There may be things that are going well and okay, but one cannot simply claim that ‘everything’ is. There will be parts, or instances that may be bearable, but may not really be considered ‘okay’. And all we really need is that someone, whoever it may be, to guide us out of the dark. “Baby I’m a little blind, I think it’s time for you to find me” could probably mean that there are things that may never be clear to us, until it is shown or felt. For me, it may be about ‘true love‘.

I’d also like to put emphasis on the lines “I can’t sleep tonight, wide awake and so confused” and “sing me to sleep” since I am known to have ‘sleeping early’ as my biggest struggle’. To be downright honest about it, I often could not sleep because of what goes inside my head and how messy it often gets. But I’d like to find that ‘nightingale’ who would bring me peace within, just by being there.

Like I said, the negative things may be tolerable, but there will always be that part of me looking for that person who’d be there for me. Who may never promise everything to be completely okay, which is absolutely fine since I am not looking for perfect. But would be there to help me and stick with me through whatever. “As long as you are with me here tonight, I’m good”. I know I can never be or that I shouldn’t be dependent on anyone, but I think it’s realistic to have that feeling of not being dependent to them, but things are just sincerely better when they are around. Like they need not to always push me or guide me, but just having the assurance that I have them, is more than enough.

So, there goes my emotions over a song. It may seem like a song review, but really, I just want to pour my heart out.


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